Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Starting an Adventure.

For the past year or so, my husband and I have slowly been changing our minds about what we eat. In the past 3ish weeks, we've started the transition into eating organically.

Organic.... for some reason I really, really do not like that word. It makes me picture hippies/granolas and environmentalists, and doesn't seem to fit who I am as a person. It's expensive, too. I remember accidentally buying organic bananas when I was pregnant with my first, and it being putrid. I used that as fuel to make fun of the crazy organic guy at work, but I realize now that it simply wasn't ripe enough. *Cringe*

After some research, and listening to only a few minutes of a wellness seminar from ibethel.org, Jeff and I looked at each other and knew this is what we'd been looking for. We'd go to bed exhausted, we'd wake up even more exhausted, and didn't have much energy left for our kids after barely surviving the day. We started to analyze our diets. We realized nearly our only fluids in the day were coffee, and for Jeff, the "all knowing" energy drink. Some days I'd be too tired to make enough food during the day, and though my poor body started to protest, eventually it gave up trying to send me signals. No good at all for a nursing mama.

My, how things are changing. To me, it's not about saving the world, to be quite honest. It's about saving my life. I look at how my great grandma lived, and this is the reason I'm changing my lifestyle. She lived in this house (we live in now ) from the time it was built, for seventy-some-odd years, to the age of 99. She lived a year shy of a century, and never got sick and guess what? She grew her own food. I want that!! And I want it for my entire family, too.

It's been three weeks since we've made the leap. We got a water filter for our sink, and a juicer, and I'm not turning back! Instead of  waking to a cup of coffee in the morning, I make juice, with Josh up on the counter with me, and we all love it. We haven't had a single caffeine headache for either, stopping cold turkey, and I wake up in the morning (even when Josh breaks in at 6:30) and feel refreshed with energy. It's amazing!

I have lots of plans. Plans for planting our our garden to live off of so this change is more affordable, to make all our own bread, to make our own yogurt, and plans to make our own juice.

This is a blog of our journey.

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